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West of Trail

If you clicked on this link, you are no doubt asking yourself “What is West of Trail real estate?” The “Trail” refers one of Sarasota’s main North/South arteries, US 41. The road is also known as the Tamiami Trail, in lieu of the fact that it stretches from Tampa to Miami. This road runs very close to the coast, and thus those who live west of it live very close to the water, and close to all the amenities of Sarasota.

Homes West of Trail are a very eclectic bunch indeed, ranging from small cottages to Bayfront mansions. Some of the homes are older,or have even earned historic designations. New building characterizes much of this area with some of Sarasota’s most special residences being located here. Close to the bridges and to the Keys, hospitals, and shopping, looking at West of Trail real estate just might be the inspiration you need to find your next home.